Port of Call Málaga, Spain

Málaga, Spain, is a popular cruise destination on the Costa del Sol. Located east of Gibraltar on the Alborin Sea it was originally founded by the Phoenicians, but Málaga has seen a number of major occupations and transitions. Occupied next by the Romans it later became a major Muslim city and was then conquered inContinue reading “Port of Call Málaga, Spain”

Tenerife, Canary Islands Port of Call

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands West of southern Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean sits a cluster of volcanic islands called The Canaries. The Canary Islands feature a rugged volcanic landscape known for the black and white sand beaches. Tenerife, the largest island, is dominated by an active volcano Mt. Teide, which has its ownContinue reading “Tenerife, Canary Islands Port of Call”

Rome Italy The Port Of Civitavecchia

Rome’s Cruise Port is Civitavecchia which is one of the Mediterranean’s Two Major Cruise Departure Ports. If you are spending time in Rome ahead of a cruise or are flying in, the trip to Civitavecchia requires some planning as it is not a short distance. General The Cruise Port of Civitavecchia is a seaside city andContinue reading “Rome Italy The Port Of Civitavecchia”

Livorno, Italy Port of Call

General – Livorno is a popular cruise port of call mostly because it is a gateway to Pisa and Florence. Cruise ships offer a wide range of tours focused primarily on those two cities, but Livorno offers much more. It is also the center of the Etruscan Coast with its beautiful beaches and medieval villages.Continue reading “Livorno, Italy Port of Call”

Piraeus, Greece the Port of Athens

General –  Piraeus is the seaport serving the city of Athens. This city is a major metropolis in its own right and the commercial area southeast of the port and near the sea has a number of excellent restaurants and attractions. While most passengers visiting this port for the first time will head out toward Athens andContinue reading “Piraeus, Greece the Port of Athens”