Cruise Port Grand Turk

Port of Call Grand Turk The Turks and Caicos are a group of small islands stretching out into the Atlantic on the southeast edge of the Bahamas chain. They are part of the British West Indies and a British Territory. Most cruise lines have over the years developed “private islands” where their ships usually anchorContinue reading “Cruise Port Grand Turk”

Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4

In This Issue Cruising Etiquette Old San Juan The Jones Act Common Courtesy In Cruising You don’t need a Miss Manners at sea to know there are some basic, common sense rules of etiquette for cruising. No, there is no handbook on it, but the key words here are “common sense.” For some less thoughtfulContinue reading “Cruise Life Magazine Vol. 1 No. 4”

Antarctica! Cruising The Bottom Of The World

Occupying a land area about the size of the United States and Mexico combined, Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and brightest place on Earth. It is completely covered by a layer of ice that averages more than one mile thick, but is nearly three miles thick in some places. It is without questionContinue reading “Antarctica! Cruising The Bottom Of The World”

The Falklands For Wildlife

Penguins, Sea Lions and Seals Deep in the South Atlantic is a group of islands known as the Falklands. These are isolated, windswept islands where raising sheep and cattle are the main business. Covering about 4,700 square miles with a population of a little over 3,000 people and 150,000 sheep, it is also home toContinue reading “The Falklands For Wildlife”

A Piraeus Museum

Visiting Athens Greece? Devote Some Time To A Great Museum in Piraeus Many Eastern Mediterranean cruises depart from Piraeus, the port of Athens. If you are going to pass through this city, it’s well worth a day or two in Piraeus with its beautiful yacht harbor ringed with a walking promenade lined with numerous outdoorContinue reading “A Piraeus Museum”